Overlap Swimming Pool

By · Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Overlap Swimming Pool
The Sims 2 Pool interference graph?

Ok guys, basically every time you create a pool, or rather if there was a pool in any lot, sometimes show through the walls (such as your view of the camera is directly in front of the kitchen wing of the house and the pool's happening is that behind of wing cooking, pool gaphic will overlap said Kitchen appliances and objects) occurs only in certain angles or opinion of the house. Not a big problem but it is helluva annoying while trying to play the game. My question is, is there anyway to solve this? Is it a mistake or I have just need to get a better card graph. By the way mine is a radeon something that came with my XP PC. Any reccomendations?

Ummm …. they always do that …. I can play anytime any team that always does that. It is normal as far as I know.


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