Oval Above Ground

By · Monday, May 25th, 2009

Oval Above Ground
What is the correct way to take down a pool intex?

I have a 18 x 24 above ground pool intex oval. I'm wanting to take it now, but not sure the right way. I heard that maybe putting chlorine in the pool water and scrub as the drain? What is the best way so I have no horrible smell when its done. I also have a shop vac that I use when its really low. I drain the most water, then do it? When should I take the poles of the face? when its completely empty? the DVD just says to put the adapter and drain the water, then dry it. but I read on different sites people complain of smells, I thought someone said to add bleach as I am draining it. I just wanted to find some tips before starting the process.

just smashing !!!!!!!!!!

oval installation part 2

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