Liner Above Ground

By · Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Liner Above Ground
Staing chlorine in the pool above ground line.?

I recently switched to chlorine tablets in the skimmer box (I was previously with granulated chlorine in the skimmer box) and I noticed a line instead of chlorine great stain on the development of teaching of one of the pools. It comes from the entrance, by the poolside and the floor. Has anyone had the same thing? How can it be avoided? And I can do anything about it?

I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about the bleach stain. The shirt color actually has been bleached out there. It is very common in pools where the landlord does not take the time to dissolve and be properly discharge and let it sit and have seen many people see the ruin of a ship dropping pucks in the pool itself. They belong to a chlorinator ideal. skimmer basket will do if you have no warmer.

NTH Construction , Springtown TX, pollyurea CR 911 used for above ground pool liner.

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