Boulder Swimming Pool

By · Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Boulder Swimming Pool
Another joke?

Satin: "Well Mr. Bush, I see you finally did. Unfortunately I have no room for you, so I have to leave someone go, and I let you decide who will place where "Bush is private to a room where Reagan is jumping from a dip in a pool high over and over again. George W. Bush: "I do not think I can handle that, I do not swim well." In the next room, Tony Blair was pounding on the rocks with a large sledge hammer. Bush: "I can not handle that either, I have a bad shoulder." In the room next to Bill Clinton was stark naked and spread eagle on the back. Bill over Monica Lewinsky was doing what he does best. Bush: "I think I could handle that." Satin "Okay Monica, you can go. "

jajaja very good 10/10 and a star

Boulder Swimming

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