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By · Monday, March 9th, 2009

Boulder Print Swimming

Getting a flat stomach requires a mixture of three main things. Eating the right foods in the correct proportions at the right time, exercise intensity correct for the correct amount of time and having a strong desire and motivation to achieve flat abs. This article will discuss five ways you can achieve these things.

1. Mark achievable initial goal. Remember that to move a mountain, you have to move a small stone. Gradually, you may lose considerable weight.

2. Have a good breakfast. Never skip it. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism after having been asleep. Another four or five small meals a day instead only lunch and dinner, the big events.

3. Manipulating his attitude to have a positive attitude, healthy to get a flat stomach. If you need help this way of thinking and keep it throughout your training program, go to your local library for motivational and inspirational books, DVDs, videos and articles. Also, check out the Internet for useful resources, articles, newsletters, MP3 and other audio files, video clips, reports and training.

4. Avoid foods containing saturated fats – trans fats in particular. Look at the ingredients on the label. If you notice the words "partially hydrogenated shortening oil "or just" hydrogenated oil "or" liquid ", avoid it.

5. Thirty minutes of activity per day is essential If you are serious href = ""> getting a flat belly. The activity can be anything that increases your heart rate during an extended period of time. Examples include brisk walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, cycling, etc can be fun if the activity and try to find a partner to do with it, or do with your family.

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