Blue Swimming Pool

By · Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Blue Swimming Pool
Even though the base of a pool is painted white, how is that water is still blue?

My brother …. I painted white and appears Blue definitely.

One popular response in the past has been a phenomenon known as light scattering. You have to figure out, the sky is blue, and the color of water is a reflection of the water. That is only part of the answer, however, since you have to remember that rivers often appear green or gray, ocean blue and sometimes black! So much of the color change comes from the water depth and angle of vision. the light of white sun contains all colors. The water absorbs some of these colors more than others. You need a lot of water, however, to realize this impact, so if you cup of water in his hand is evident in a large body of water, the molecules quickly absorb red light, but do not absorb blue light, so in this case the light blue is transmitted through water. This is also why the sky is blue?

Zoe Salmon at an open air swimming pool

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