Blue Round Swimming

By · Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Blue Round Swimming
What kind of pool do you garden?

I'm looking to get a pool for the backyard. They are the types of soil above the fantasy … not following the year the cost of a pair of …. thousand dollars, but such Intex. I'm looking for, whether you have the blue ring in the upper air and rises as you fill it with water, or swimming pools Intex metal face … but to be taken for the winter. I'm looking to get the 18×48 size. Anyone out there have any of these types of pools of this size? Like it? It's good for adults to swim in, too? Would you prefer another now that you know what you do? Any information would be great! Thank you! Ruth

We have one of the guys with the air ring. The only problem we had, was getting the ground lol This will be our Summer 4 with this group. It is easy to install and remove. Or you can let all winter and only drain, clean and refill during the summer. This has been the biggest pool of painless, we were treated.

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