Blue Above Ground

By · Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Blue Above Ground

Deciding Turf (or peat) vendor to purchase your lawn is not as simple as it seems.

In the last ten or fifteen years have made progress in the quality, color, shade tolerance and resistance of different warm-season grasses. Only to return to the top, warm-season grass include the following herbs:

  1. Kikuyu – Integrated by stolons and rhizomes
  2. Sofa (or the program referred to in North America)-integrated stolons and rhizomes
  3. Zoysia-composed of stolons and rhizomes
  4. Buffalo (also known as St. Augustine) – ONLY stolons
  5. Queensland Blue Couch – ONLY stolons

In simple terms, are beyond the corridors of ground stolons and rhizomes are underground corridors of lawn grasses. Kikuyu and bed are favored as sports pastures due to the way they are constructed with stolons and rhizomes.

Now, with Kikuyu and Queensland blue couch grass pastures there is no choice, however, with a sofa (grama grass), Zoysia and St. Augustine grass can choose between different hybrids of these grasses.

In Australia, the different hybrids of the following herbs include:

  1. Sofa includes Wintergreen, Santa Ana, Sports and Rileys
  2. Includes Empire Zoysia, Empress and other
  3. Buffalo (also known as St. Augustine grass) includes Sir Walter (also known as Sir Wally), Palmetto, Sapphire, marine and many others including ST26, ST85 and ST91

The point of this paper is that (especially in the case of Buffalo grass) is good and not so good hybrids. The main reason for the distinction lies in the ability of these herbs to manage turf herbicide treatment to weeds in the lawn of St. Augustine. In general we find that Sir Walter and Palmetto lawn spraying of herbicides to manage, and some the other not very well.

So when people are looking to buy new Buffalo grass usually are not aware that they are the good and the bad. Natural turf suppliers sell what they can grow. In the case of Sir Walter, producers are allowed to grow and sell Sir Wally if (and only if) you are authorized to do so. It is also a fact that Sir Walter (rightly) is sold at a higher price, and sale of products must be accompanied with a certificate acknowledging Sir Wally is Turf.

Now, what has happened is that some gardeners and turf growers have been known to sell and install Buffalo Grass falsely as Sir Wally.

It is recommended that the investigation of Sir Walter website to find out which are producers Turf qualified and licensed to grow and sell Sir Wally Turf.

Gerry Faehrmann is the managing director of Lawn Green Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia.

Lawn Green specialises in “turning Your tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn” – using its Waterless Weed and Feed Lawn Care program.

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