Armor Shield Pool

By · Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Armor Shield Pool
Chances of getting fire cape with the statistics and configuration?

I'm 81 hp, 62 pray, 72 mage (resistance), and the defense 79 84. I did what a first resource for prayer can access CV and pools of energy. took protective spirit (regular) 800 w addy bolts / accumulator c'bow rune, full and BLK guthans BOD d hide chaps. Explorer ring (3), snakeskin boots, and have 5 beers sara, 4 super restores, a pot going and the rest is ppots. Please tell me if I make adjustments, but do not suggest an expensive armor after buying all this I have only like 500 k left. Yes I have one but I Cbow I prefer to have a rune cbow and takes up less space to take a bow

Looks pretty good to me, I'd suggest a glass arch however. But if you have not ever taken or have not carried out the search, to use it then take a little time to get one. In addition, the arch of glass has objections, and is an arc of powerful. Do not use the arrows (I think anyway) is the only thing I have suggetion friend good luck.

Armoredhull Boat Shield how easy it is !

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