Armor Shield Guard

By · Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Armor Shield Guard
can u rate my dark deck control?

im trying to make a control deck dark and wonder if this is worthy of monsters Tourny (22), giant orc dark elf-patrician of darkness fire zombyra wizard-the-dark eyes dark scorpion – scorpion-dark meanae Thron – chich-dark yellow leaf-sillva, warlord from the darkness of the dark world of disappearance-chin-desrook terrorking-vilepawn sworn enemy sworn enemy archfeind arcfiend shadowknight x2 cyber-jar-called cranio-hane-hane x2 waived guard mysterious magic (9)-pandemnium-final chaos Soul trunade-giant-mystical space typhoon heavy storm-Black-brain control premature illusion burial ritual of the traps (12)-bad reaction to simochi-eye of truth fascinating circle of shade-armor-draining spell sakuretsu aggression not shield area covered devastaion-crush card virus eradicator epidemic virus virus back to the false-trap total different dimension (43) is covered at least for me to get to Regional

some cards are banned, but their duel for fun is the will of a 9 / 10

KH2FM – Armor Xemnas 1 No Damage/Limit/Drive (LV1 CM)

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