Aquarium Swimming Pool

By · Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Aquarium Swimming Pool
What teens do in Las Vegas?

My family goes to Las Vegas next week for spring break and I'm supposed to reach I want to do things. The only thing is I know that Vegas is not exactly made for children. I have 13 years and my brother is 11. My mom and I were to have a spa day, before we learned that most resorts only admit people 18 and over. We know we're going to the Fashion Show Mall, and that's it. To make matters worse, I'm in a cast boot and can not walk far. My parents are acting like we're just going to go and relax by the pool. I can not swim (because my foot), and I do not know how we are supposed to rest in Las Vegas. I've been there before, but it was just a stop on a road trip, so it was only for about two days, and even then we just went to the pool, the aquarium, and the M & M's Place. So, what to do in Las Vegas for a lame 13 years and your family?

There are plenty of roller coasters, the Manhattan Express at New York New York, and speed in the Sahara, and all the rides in the stratosphere (Very scared though!), Theres also the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus (kinda ghetto though), and even though you are disabled, you still can travel all that I just listed:) The fashion shows quite impressive, but that's a lot of walking, so maybe you could try the malls near the strip? Less walking, still good stores. And while you're here eat at Bahama Breeze, near the Hard Rock, good food. You could see a show also, the Luxor is usually best. Also, theres the wax museum, which is quite fun! I hope I helped, I know my city too;)

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