Aquarium Oval Swimming

By · Monday, November 16th, 2009

Aquarium Oval Swimming
Question about two invertebrates along the water!?

It lives in brackish water. Gray, looks like a cockroach. Runs along the rocks along the coast. Very fast, never could catch one. Tested for years. The other lives in the beachside. They are oval-shaped, tan and white. Trapped 4 of them for years (they were taken out of the sand). In my aquarium living in the sand, eyes and our antenna protruding from the sand. It seemed that ate like barnacles. Raked the food to the mouth. That's what I did when the floating fish food. After awhile, she swam to the top of the tank and feed along the surface, then 'dive-bomb' again in the sand.

I wonder if the former could be a white beach tiger beetle tiger beetle or other? They are remarkably fast. Http: / / + beach + beach tiger beetle + & form = QBIR & qs = n # Focal = 915c6a1a091e70c4ae7f270145088ee6 & furl = http% 3A% 2F% 2F% ~% 2Flepida.gif jleonard

My aquarium

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