Aquarium Above Ground

By · Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Aquarium Above Ground
I have to help the fish in the main tank? "

So tonight …… had been agitated. First, I cleaned the 30 and 10 gallon tanks. The 30 is so cloudy. Why? Second, my female guppy was to have more babies in the 30 gallon and tried to put it in another tank (bad idea, I lost = (So do not be angry with me I know it was wrong.) Healthy fingerlings was 15, but 29 = D. My African Dwarf somehow got in my way, so …. Well, no. It was at the top level of the house, 5 feet on the ground, I do not understand. My 30 is more or less crowded I think like 26 fish, 3 shrimp, 3 snails, and frog past. We ar elooking buy another aquarium kit to help with the problem of excess stocks. Its just been so hectic. Help? Suggestions? Thanks did not know that the frog had disappeared until I saw … on the road … 3 … last week I made a change of 20% I do not carry out the cleanup is

Why are the fish / frogs of tanks in the first place? African dwarf frogs are known to escape and they need tight fitting lids and no holes. There is no reason to remove them from their tanks during cleaning. All you need do is make a partial water change 25% weekly with a vacuum trap as the substrate. ~ An aquarium needs no explanation really saturated as to why the sky is cloudy.

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