Above Ground Overlap

By · Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Above Ground Overlap
Can you fill in the lower area of the pool with sand AG?

Im building a 18 "metal above ground pool 52" from the wall. The level indicates slope im a bit and the walls are leaning in a little at the bottom. Im going to use the sand at the bottom anyway, not I can only level the inside with more sand in the lower zone? I may lose depth, but thought it would be better than building up under airway wall that seems to increase my chances of blow line out and not be packed below the tracks. Also any idea on digging in the middle by a foot to an end "deep"? have a superposition of line has a problem with that? Dig the shallow end, that's a working _lot_. Thanks for the suggestions

Most Important thing in the installation of a pool of AG is that the walls are level! No "build, remove dirt at the top. AG pools I've seen many that have collapsed because people tried to "build_up" the low side


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