Swimming Pool Solar

By · Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Swimming Pool Solar

3 things you should know when Looking at Solar Water Heating

The breakthrough in solar thermal heating has been profitable in solar heaters that are almost 94% efficiency. This has caused new applications such as solar heating hot tub and much more cost effective water hot heating systems both pools and homes. Soar Thermal Heating in comparison with solar photo Voltiac are almost 500% more efficient. As an example the most efficient photovoltaic system on the market is only 16% and cost per Kw is almost twice the solar thermal energy.

When looking at solar water heaters for pools or spas, you should consider the following three items before making your solar investment:

  1. Open Loop closed loop system solar
  2. Control valve to shut off the solar system at night
  3. Location of solar colllectors

1. In open loop or closed loop solar system is a very important especially if you are using lots of salt water or chemicals. Just an open loop solar system means that water is distributed directly through the solar system. This means that the chlorine in water has direct contact with all parties. This type of solar heating will be less expensive but have the shortest life like you can find the chlorine can break down the solar collectors and other parties. Loop used closed systems as a heat exchanger a barrier between the fluid in the solar system and the water in the whirlpool. While this system costs more. The advantages are that you can run the system throughout the year by use of glycol or antifreeze. You will also find the system's life expectancy is much higher.

2. Solar Control System – The design of a solar system solar pool or spa must take into account the water flow. No need to circulate the water through the solar system at night. As a matter of fact, this can result in a negative heat loss. A solar control system will include two temperature sensors, a sensor is placed on the side of the exhaust manifold and measure heat from the system. The other sensor measures the current temperature of the pool or spa. If the heat output is greater in the spa and the water temperature is less than that required (demand heat), the system will ensure water flows through the collectors. It is done through an automated solar bypass valve. At night when the pool water is warmer than the solar collector, the control system will ensure you omit the solar collector and using the pool or spa heating system alternative.

3. Location-For any solar system to be effective, must be in direct sunlight. This means that the southern exposure, no shade trees or buildings. As a rule, the angle of the solar system must be equal to the latitude for which it is installed. A solar pool system should be installed where you receive maximum exposure for the greatest return on investment.

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