Solar Swimming Pool

By · Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Solar Swimming Pool

pool solar covers not only save on the burning of fossil fuels and pollution that accompanies the results, but also save costs in the pool function.

The most common style of solar pool cover is designed plastic bubble models. These are often referred to as a solar blanket.

These serve a number of important purposes:

1. Solar covers are one of the most cost effective ways to save on heating costs, as they are designed to collect heat from the sun's rays and heat transfer to pool water

2. Save on energy use for hot water production suitable for swimming

3. Save on the amount of water needed in the pool, because the cover preventing evaporation. Up to 70% of the loss of the heat of the pools is caused by the evaporation of moisture. In dry and windy conditions the evaporation rate increases without a pool cover.

4. Save on pool maintenance, because the cover protects the pool of larger debris and contaminants away.

5. Save the use of chemicals due to quality of light filtering provided by the solar pool cover.

Solar pool covers are available in many different shapes and sizes and colors and different qualities and virtues of building materials used. They are a very economic model compared to more costly alternatives.

To make the extraction and balancing your solar pool cover much easier than you may like to consider installing a spool solar cover. All providers of solar covers or blankets will make available.

Note that these pool accessories Saving are not a safety cover and is not intended to be. Please do not try to use as such. Use an indoor pool net over the top of the solar cover when needed both solar and security features. A security fence around the pool is another feature to consider in order to ensure full security of your family pool and users of the pool.

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Mechanical Considerations in Solar Swimming Pool Heating

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