Solar Heater Panel

By · Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Solar Heater Panel
Selection of a gas to fill a solar water heater homemade?

I'm making a solar water heater as the project for my science class engineering. My question concerns the gas in the panel. What would give maximum gas temperature inside the panel? And also, if I pressurized chamber special group effect of temperature inside the panel?

Thermal mass (also called specific heat) is the ability to store body heat. There are two varieties of the heat capacity Cp and Cv, where Cp is ate the constant pressure and Cv is a constant volume, the greater the ability to heat more heat the substance may retain Hydrogen has a high heat capacity of 10.16 kJ / kg * K, although it may be a bit dangerous, the next could be the tetroxide nitrogen at 4.6 kJ / kg * K, the heat capacity is a function of temperature, and may vary according to changes in temperature. Http: / /

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