Solar Cover Pool

By · Friday, March 6th, 2009

Solar Cover Pool

Would you like to enjoy your pool all year round in comfort? If you would like to be able to swim even when the weather is cool in a pool solar dome cover can be a low cost solution for you.

A housing bubble is like a solar cover, but instead of sitting on the surface water that has the structure remains well above the water, giving plenty of room to swim or float below. Not only does this heat the temperature of your pool water 20 degrees, also heat the air inside to 40 degrees.

With a solar dome when it is 40 or 50 degrees outside it will be a perfect temperature to swim inside. Now you can greatly extend your swimming season. You can begin early in the spring and go well into the autumn. You may even be able swimming throughout the year depending on the weather where you live.

The dome cover will help keep your pool clean by blocking the leaves, insects and other wastes. They block the wind, which not only will keep you from getting chilled, but also keeps the water from wind chill. Many of them also block UV rays can damage your skin and eyes, but allow enough to pass through so you can still get a tan. A year of sound so good for you? Or at least to start a year early and sustain longer.

Solar pool domes are available in the equipment to fit sizes standard of most of the pool. They can range from few hundred dollars to $ 3,000 depending on model and size. They can also save time and money to help keep your pool clean. This means less maintenance for you or a hired pool cleaner. From the dome to maintain their pool of hot water free solar energy, there is no need to buy a heater or energy to heat.

Learn more about pool sun domes and how to get one.

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