Jandy Pool Heater

By · Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Jandy Pool Heater
My Jandy Lite 2 Natural Gas heater above ground pool is not continuously heat despite the pilot stay on.?

The acupressure is very good and clean cartridge filters such as the skimmer and pump baskets. Sometimes I can get the fire off and then comes out shortly thereafter. Any ideas on what I can do? thanks! also – the thermostat is turned up. It's the kind that only shows hot hot temperature etc ANC. In any case, the pool is definitely much cooler, the value and the heater must be and always has heated under these conditions until today.

check water temperature from the thermostat setting … may be possible that water is already in the thermostat is set at … I should not heat all the time .. should only heat when the water temperature drops below the thermostat setting … if it has warmed up today and water is not hot enough to cause the thermostat to drive then there are some possible reasons that you are not heating … January 2 gas valve thermostat bad bad feeling … 3 out flame detector could be bad … 4 if you have carbon monoxide detector built into it that this could be bad … 5Si has an electonic box that controls the pilot and the control main burner could be bad even if you keep the pilot burning … if you arent able to solve this system the safest thing to do is call a HVAC tech who is familiar gas furnace to come to work on it …

Jandy Pool Heater Model LT-Bad Pressure Switch.MOV

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