Inground Pool Solar

By · Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Inground Pool Solar
Cost of maintaining the pool built?

I am currently house hunting and I would buy a house with a pool. Most homes in my list have solar hot water pools. I am curious how much it would cost to maintain?

Much depends on how it does and how the pool is setup. Many people pay $ 50 or even $ 100 a month for professional pool service. Mostly what you get for this is the weekly brushing (if you're lucky) and chemicals (but in hot weather weekly chemical controls are not sufficient). If you do you'll spend maybe $ 100 or $ 200 a year on chemicals – much depends on whether it is used here as a liquid or some combination. You can also spend 30 minutes a week brushing, depending on what, if any, the device pool is cleaner. You may occasionally have to clean a filter cartridge or replace paper in a DE filter. These are easy and inexpensive. Then, breaking things. We used to have a Polaris – unreliable beast, working an hour and $ 30 the value of the parts about every two months. Our current system is impressive floor – Completely eliminates brushing, the pool makes maintenance much more tolerant lazy chemist, etc, but two years on all of the valve assembly should be replaced ($ 109 and 30 minutes of work). It will be very difficult to answer this question without knowing exactly how the group is configured, you are in, how you are at hand, and so may make do with a couple hundred dollars a year, but could easily be $ 1000 per year. Now also have a shell security of supply – impressive, and has saved a life, maintains the pool of hot water, etc. but is about $ 2,000 every 5 or 6 years to replace the fabric. related to maintenance of the pool – we need to consider security. Is the pool fenced? Are any doors from the house to the pool area alarmed? Is there a cover security? Want this since the first day and not have some expenses to improve things so that it is. If parties like we did then a lot of work with the local YMCA or swimming at school and find a high school kid who is certified lifeguard. They can come to your party and watch the pool while you and all other adults relax. It will cost less than spending on beer, other parents will be delighted that they can relax for a couple of hours, and the rent boy who needs the money anyway.

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