High Tech Solar

By · Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

High Tech Solar
Any suggestions for high-level physics ideas for school projects in the field of solar energy?

My 15 years of age must do a project in physics, and he is interested in making a single study or experiment on solar energy. It need not be high technology. Any ideas?

Do not forget to think about science, the experiment. Learn about solar energy and see what ideas he is intrigued. The questions naturally arise. Photovoltaic cells are expensive. Is it better to have 3-cell or cell 1 and 2 mirrors? How can I gain by having the cell track angle of the sun? How I can get the track? "I can put on top of solar thermal collectors and collect heat and electricity? If you're lucky enough to have a demonstration project or a solar energy company engaged in solar energy in some form in your area, you can gain a lot from some visits. They are usually happy help and can often provide free samples. The point of the whole thing is to learn something about the topic, the practice of scientific method, write and communicate results. Take it seriously. Sometimes it's the best part of a scientific education.

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