Digital Pool Heater

By · Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Digital Pool Heater
Raypak Pool / Spa Heater?

On average, a spa in the field, how long should it take to heat? It started at 76 degrees, has been about an hour and only at 79 degrees. It's a Raypak RP 2100 Digital, if that helps … I do not know how many gallons, is only a medium size. Furthermore, only humor me, if I were to heat the pool also, how long it would take and what the average bill be?

This is a nice heater give 3 to 4 hours and must be in the range of 100 degrees. As far as the pool goes …. If you have an indoor pool that takes about 12 hours depending on temperature) (82-85 degrees. Cost varies depending on where you live and the ambient temperature you are trying. If somehow we can say that this script …. a DR for health reasons, will help offset the cost.

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