Tub Spa Filter

By · Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Tub Spa Filter
Looking for a email client program with the schedule?

I have a small company that sells chemicals and hot tub hot tub customers. I am looking for an email program that can be sent to my customers when to change your filters, time to drain Thair spa, etc. For example, if a client, Jane buys a hot tub from us in November, I would like the program to your email every 3 months and say that is the flight time of your spa. I also like their email every November to remember to come buy a new hot tub filter. Any suggestions??? Thank you!

Autoresponder is the best way to do this. Ask your client to fill your autoresponder form with your primary email address. There are many free autoresponder can be used in the network. You can use your autoresponder to send follow up emails or reminder emails according to the time that has established. http://www.multiebook.com/autoresponder/autoresponder.html

Hot Tub Spa Filter Cleaner – The Filter Blaster

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