Swimming Pool Spa

By · Friday, September 11th, 2009

Swimming Pool Spa
For those with an indoor pool?

I'm curious if those who have an indoor swimming pool: 1) use as often or as often as not they expected 2) regret their installation (due to lack of use or maintenance costs) 3) have been heated or unheated 4) prefer to have a swimming pool free, or perhaps a spa 5) have (or would have) other accessories that make a pool more enjoyable (eg, water slide, volleyball net, jets swimming endurance, etc.) 6) Is there anything else about your own experience pool that you want to share. Please do not reply if you only have a swimming pool free or just a spa, I am only interested in those who have an indoor pool. Thanks for your time

I have friends who have an indoor pool. Never use it! Not heated so not going there in the winter and everyone wants to be in the sun during the summer. PS-I have an outdoor pool and everyone uses the spa more often. The spa is used throughout the year and only used the pool during the summer.

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