Star Clear Plus

By · Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Star Clear Plus
No one notices a flashing light in the sky right now?

Its slightly in the north west part of the sky. Im in the state of Washington thought could be a plane or satellite, but its lights flashing green and red, in addition to their does not move in the sky. Last night I was there a bit to the left. In the northwest sky looks like a flashing star, but if you look closely you will see green and red as well. Cmon somone tell me I'm not crazy.

A pair of binoculars may help answer your question. There are all sorts of things in the sky, day and night .. I am in the east, so I can not see what is seeing. You are seeing a UFO. Not surprisingly, it is simply not identified. A visual aid such as binoculars can help identify it.

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