Sta Rite System

By · Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Sta Rite System
A capacitor in my control box well pump broke. What happens?

2 stations CV-rite. short cycles of the pump, water pump turns off after three seconds. Has new pressure switch. 30-50 psi system. 50-foot submersible pump.

Capacitors * do * wear out and is really flying one of the mechanisms of failure, so it may very well not be anything "wrong. Replace the capacitor with an identical model, and if the next off a few days, then your problem is the starting torque requirement. The starting torque has been changed in some way (higher psi pressure switch, now more pressure to get more water deep?). higher starting torque will cause more current to flow through the condenser and cause it to blow. If the capacitor is melted again after a few days then you need to try to get a bigger engine ..

sta-rite elecrical system#1.mp4

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