Spa Filter Cartridge

By · Friday, November 27th, 2009

Spa Filter Cartridge
Determining the size of my pool pump?

I'm trying to determine what size pump speed 2 to buy for my pool. Me like to reduce my electricity bill and low-speed general filter sounds appealing. I probably only use high speed for the SPA. I have an approx. 25,000 (guestimate volume) in ground pool / spa combo that is slightly less than 7 years old (new house for us, the previous owner had installed, no other information available). It currently has 2 "PVC plumbing connected to a 2HP pump driving a 300sqft cartridge filter that normally runs about 15 psi on the filter, but it goes up 25 when the valves are set for the spa. There are about 20-25 feet separation between the pump and return the farthest and the pump is about 2-3 feet above the level poolwater. I extend a hand of Hayward Viper pressure cleaner on a booster pump. What else needs to know to determine which pump to buy (only get a maximum 2 HP 2-speed is too simple an answer, I'm complicated like that …).

I'm really surprised by the size of the pump in that country. 1.5 CV would have been sufficient, taking into account the information provided. We have built many pool / spa combos and never had a problem with the use of a Hayward Superpump 1.5. Our plumbing arrangements sound similar to what you have. This spa is not a monster of 8 people it is? Usually, the add-on spas are 4-6 and the number of aircraft only require a 1.5, but we have to put in a request for 2hp. Customers can barely stay in the bath when at high speed. Almost needed seat belt and helmet.

Dimension One Spa- Proper Filter Maintenance

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