Pool Spa Filter

By · Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Pool Spa Filter
Does anyone know what pump swimming pool has the best value for money for both the pool and spa?

It had a swimming pool built only two years ago. My spa is not generating any bubbles or jets, as it was the first year. Hayward has a pump to filter the pool and spa. This was highly recommended by the manufacturer. But now, my uncle, the pool cleaner cleans the filter every week, so the spa can get some pressure. He says he would not have bought a Hayward pump. He also said that there would be another pump for the spa. I know nothing about swimming and want to learn, so I have no full second guess the world in the business of the pool. I have no money to burn, as some friends of mine who just continues to pay a pool type to fix everything for them. I would like do it myself and save my money. any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

If you have a single pump for pool and spa, and is the Pump maintenance of your pool and spa clean, not the pump. Hayward is an industry standard pump. 8-9 of 10 pools have pumps in them more likely Hayward. Sounds like a configuration problem with your plumbing, it may not be configured correctly, or filter grids may need to change, may become chemically blocked and inefficient. Ask your pool store to get some cleaning materials for it. That can help you instead of buying new filter grids.

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