Pool Filter Cartridges

By · Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Pool Filter Cartridges

Most people, especially in warmer regions of the country would love to have a pool in your backyard. However, many resist to get one because they've heard stories about how much trouble it was to maintain or how expensive it is to hire a maintenance company. Although there is some truth behind of both of these fears, maintaining your pool can be relatively simple and inexpensive if you have the correct information. Whether you're thinking about having a swimming pool New construction or seeking to reduce costs by taking over their own maintenance, the following list of important facts simplify the work and save you time and money.

Clean filters regularly – as circulates pool water, dirt and other small debris are captured in the filter. This makes it necessary to do regular cleaning. How to make this process depends on the type of filter you have.

For more detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance of specific filter, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Clean Regularly Skimmers – Skimmers trap large debris like leaves, insects, and other trash, preventing it from being absorbed by the filter. The removable baskets should be cleaned once or twice times a week, depending on the amount of waste.

Brushing and vacuuming – Most aspiration is performed by the pump and filter system. Dirt and other small particles can be brushed into the main drain it takes on the filter or vacuuming can be done with a vacuum head connected to an extension pole with a hose running to the skimmer, which also has the remains in the filter. Automatic sweepers and vacuum cleaners have become very popular and make the cleanup much easier on the homeowner.

For more information on maintaining your pool, go to http://www.yourselfhomerepair.com/swimmingpools.html

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