Filter Pressure Gauge

By · Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Filter Pressure Gauge
What happens to my oil pressure?

After changing my oil, my oil pressure gauge shows no oil. What happens? I replaced the plug and filter, put in 6 liters of oil in a Jeep Cherokee 97 and let it sit for a while, started up and showed me the pressure Oil 0. There were no leaks, so do not think it's a joint. Any suggestions of what might be wrong with him. I started it and let it run for a while thinking that he needed to build some pressure, and still showed 0 this morning. I think I'm confused because I never had this problem before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Only so that everyone knows, I read the manual for the amount of oil to put in and said that six quarters. Also, I checked the dipstick and shows that in the line of insurance and that there is oil in it.

Sounds like your oil pressure sending unit is turned off. It is a fairly common thing, but in general a huge pain to replace.

How Pressure Gauges are Made

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