Filter Cartridges Supplies

By · Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Filter Cartridges Supplies
My under sink water filter stopped working when I replaced the filters. Why?

I have a GE Smartwater filter under sink about two years old. The last time I replaced the filter cartridges, water flow was reduced to a trickle. Thinking of the new cartridge may be defective, I tried to put the old cartridges back, but still barely functioning. The water flows all the pressure for a split second, then is reduced to a trickle. Actually get a little more water, keeping the supply line filter valve somewhere in between, yet always to fill a glass. No leaks and the filter cartridges are in correctly. Is there any way to fix this, or is the filter unit itself exhausted?

Unscrew the filter screen at the end of the tip of the faucet and rinse. Many times when working on plumbing waste has moved and is blocking the screen. Ken Tool Man

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