Filter Cartridges Intex

By · Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Filter Cartridges Intex
Is there a way to clean my pool filter temporarily without a hose or chemicals?

I have intex easy set pool … Is there any way to clean without using chemicals hose or temporarily? I live in the country and my pool water was cloudy so to put chlorine and shock which became more clear, but now I think my cartridge is connected Abit … I can not solve this problem until I go to town and get new …. I have added chemicals and and I have to clean my filter for circulation, but the filter looks weak from yesterday … Is there a way to do it or I will have to wait until a new filter

With some of the smaller filters intex you are able to put in the dishwasher. Do not use soap if otherwise is going to have a pool full of foam. Otherwise, like the other person mentioned. Soak the filter for aa time and place of whatever it took to get the largest sediment outside the filter. Good luck.

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