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By · Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Finding the right filter for whirlpool spa may sound easy, but for some it can be confusing and may take several trips to the store only to realize that no is as simple as it can be. Unfortunately, there is a universal spa filter / hot tub available. However, there are a number of manufacturers of spa filters are interchangeable for replacement spa filter as Unicel, Pleatco and Filbur, just to name a few.

Here are some ways to find the correct filter for spa. Some websites may provide a cross reference by make (brand / model). This can be a good start. You can also search by dimensions filter cap (style) and specifications, and of course by the number of filter. Before making a run for his hot tub store, you can call your dealer local hot tub or spa manufacturer, or make sure you have one or more of the above information to ensure that finding the right filter for your spa.

You can contact the manufacturer of the spa or contact your local dealer to help you identify the specific filter for your spa, since known brand and model of your whirlpool. However, a common way to locate the spa filter is the make and model of filter. You can use a filter in spa line tool reference or call your local dealer thermal source to identify the types of filters known specific brand names. Once you have the correct filter cartridge spa, you may also want to check the dimensions and specifications to ensure that matches your current ones.

If you do not know the part number, will have to measure the dimensions. Here is a simple statement if you are looking for spa filter by dimensions. 1) The outside diameter in inches (+ or – 1 / 32 "). 2) Measure the cartridge length (in inches, + or – 1 / 16"). Includes caps, but no handles or any other extension. 3) Check and measure end caps. While the top or the bottom is "open", it is necessary to measure the inside diameter (+ or – 1 / 32 "). 4) While can be tedious, another way is to count the number of folds in your filter (+ or – 2 "). Also take note and see if there is a central core. Make sure you has all the information from steps 1-4 will make sure to get the spa filter cartridge right. is founded by G. Nevels who has been in the Spas industry for almost 30 years. G. Nevels’ experiences include but not limited to: hot tub installation, setup, spa startup, maintenance, & repair. As a Spa/hot Tub expert, G. Nevels’ website contains not only a multitude of spa & hot tub supplies and maintenance products, but also a wealth of knowledge based on his experience. Please come visit the website

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