Filter Cartridge Easy

By · Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Filter Cartridge Easy

How to replace a water filter cartridge in the water filtration system at home. This article is about how to change the filters in a filter system Aquasana AQ4000.

Some of this information can be useful with any brand of filter system. Unpack the replacement filter kit and check the contents. You should have 2 cartridges water replacement filter, replacement and two B. O-rings. If the rings are not flat lay out and see if they will flatten on its own this may take overnight. If this not work, place a book on them overnight. The reason is that if the O-rings bent from shipping becomes more difficult to make a good seal.

The first step is to establish its water filtration system at home on their side. You can see from the filter caps are labeled A and B. Also arrows indicating which way to loosen each lid. Turn A filter cover clockwise to unscrew or direction of the arrow. Filter cap B must unscrew to the left or the direction of the arrow. They should only be hand tight. If they are too tight to remove by hand using the handles of a pliers to give a little more influence. Be careful not to do any damage to or out of the water lines.

A water filter cartridge will be the hardest to remove. The seal at the top of the filter keeps the cartridge in place. Not enough space in the filter housing that can be obtained from it. I find it easy to use a pair of pliers to get a hold of the filter and twist and pull it out. Water filter cartridge B is attached to the filter cap. Simply twist and pull the two apart. I put the filters on each side of the filter housing. This helps keep track of the filters is A and B. Remove both rings and make sure the forest where they sit on clean. Now install Or two new rings. Put a small amount of food grade silicone based lubricant from the exposed surface of each ring. This helps when installing the filter caps. The oil allows easy slide in the rubber caps which make them easier to seal. Installing Kink can leave them dry and leave resulting in a loss.

Replacement water filter cartridge A is white. Install a cartridge housing with O-ring in the first final. Put some water in the rubber seal makes it slide more easily. Give it a push and turn until you feel it. The replacement cartridge B is blue. Install the O ring on the end of the filter cap. In the same way that the another filter. At this point, I check the O-ring to ensure they are still in place. Then go ahead and install the filter housing B in B. Screw the cap B until it is firmly seated. Now check the label to another and install the cap until it is firmly seated.

Keep the filter system for its part, turn on the water and turn on the valve. Check around the threads of the PAC for any signs of water. If a small leak, Try to pull the plug a little more. If this does not seal the leak, then open the lid and check that the ring may have left his headquarters. Check to make sure that is not cut or damaged. If well, the old O-Ring could close again. The other option is to take one of the hallmarks of age at your local hardware store and match up. The other measure, if none of these ideas is for a replacement seal. Now you can reinstall the cover as described above and check for leaks.

If you do not see any leakage of establishing the AQ-4000 to the right and let the water run for about 2-3 minutes until the water runs clear. The first water might be cloudy or even have a black, this is normal. Dust carbon is being cleaned out of the new filter cartridges. I save the water used to rinse the filter system. Indoor plants, like water, or put it in plants abroad. To keep track of when it will be time to reinstall the next set of water filters. Enter the next replacement date on a piece tape and placed in the filter. This helps keep track of time. Should be replaced every 6 months or 500 gallons of water in their home filtration system.

Frank Fincher With 20 years experience dealing with water filters from commercial ice machines to swimming pools.

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