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By · Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Clean Clear Plus

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and how best to care for him is to understand how it works and to draw on a healthy people seem to think glow.Many that using the best products for skin care is enough to keep your skin complexion and soft, pink and healthy. Well, that's not true.

Although the products of skin care are good for cleaning, protecting and outwards nourish the skin, is not enough. What I do is on the surface of the skin only and will not do much for you health, rosy glow. In fact, if you use the wrong type of products skin care, which could cause a rupture and that their acne condition worse.

Thus, when selecting the product range of skincare cleansers to toners to moisturizers and lotions, it is always best to choose which costume skin. Do not ever go for brand names only for a particular brand can be expensive and rated as the best, but can not suit skin at all. Always test small sample sizes of products for skin, especially those who have not used before, before they start using it seriously. This is because some products, whether a mark trust or a stranger, could worsen your acne condition, or worse, out pause.

It is also advisable to choose non-comedogenic products and hypoallergenic to reduce the chance of irritating your skin further. Also choose the types that exist for your skin type dry skin so if you have, go to those for dry skin and so on.

Other products of skincare, the great secret of great skin, shiny and soft is the food. Yes, what you eat largely reflected in your skin. Load up on loads of vegetables and fruits as they are known to be full of vitamins and antioxidants that are great skin food. The antioxidant-rich foods tend to fight against free radicals that can damage cells, including skin. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables is a very effective to nourish skin from within and bring out the healthy, rosy glow. Not only that, but also help your skin to a faster repair, and therefore reduces acne scars while working to prevent outbreaks.

Also, avoid bad habits and bad food groups that could worsen their skin condition. Smoking will cause your skin to age faster. Foods that are reflected in your skin contains high fat, high sugar and deep fried foods that clog the system and end up making them look pale and unhealthy.

Finally, indulge in a healthy lifestyle for the addition some form of exercise into your daily routine as sweat has been shown to eliminate toxins and cleanse your system indirectly clarify your complexion. So the real secret of clearing your acne-prone skin and have a smooth skin is to eat well, exercise and use the right products.

OP Foong has a smooth complexion and has more acne skin care tips here.

Updated Skin Routine, plus more tips for dry skin/senstive skin types

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