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By · Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Cartridge Easy Set
network support specialist?

I took a job for a network of specialist support and I'm close to having my degree in information technology. During the interview the manager asks me if I could install software, change the print cartridges, the change of internal PC hardware, and configure accounts email. I do all the above and the pay is great, but described functions of the job sounded like a simple Technical Support, or support team at work specialist? Also the company has more than 400 PC, but I still sound like a cake job and will be very easy for someone with my experiance, what you think? BTW I'm pumped about the job and I can not wait until the first Monday in January to start.

You're right, we do not hear much about the networks in the task list work. But if I had many PCs there are a lot of support for the network to do. Maybe as the new man will be assigned to the simple things at first then get more on the side of the net. "Pay is great" is a good start. And people in the corporate computer departments end up doing a bit of everything. Some of them will not be an extension of their skills, but must be done. Good luck, and contratulations to get the job.

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