Above Ground Pools

By · Friday, January 30th, 2009

Above Ground Pools

The floor around a pool is something people often do not give enough thought to go through the planning process have an above ground pool installed. The fact the point is that in a family there are two types of people swimming. One of them spend most of their time swimming in the water playing with friends and siblings and the other you can find most of the time lying on a towel or sunbathing on a lounger.

This is why almost all above ground pool installers now covers installed too. When planning a deck there are a few things to remember that will save you money. The first type of material that comes to mind when thinking about redwood decks is but there are many disadvantages to the redwood.

Its very expensive, it turns gray in the sun, requires maintenance and sealant applications and only works best in drier climates. However, the upside is that when Sequoia is well installation and maintenance that looks fantastic as a roofing material. Because a ground cover over the pool is usually an elevated platform, which will eliminate the dry rot concerns.

This leaves the door open to use standard Douglas fir, which would of course be painted. What type of cover every time you use with your above ground pool is important to balance your material and labor cost. That means you have to decide whether to give a full wrap around deck made with less expensive materials for half or a smaller room flats built with more expensive materials. Anyway, one thing is for sure is that a nice quality pool built on soil with a good cover attached to it is an inviting addition to anyones backyard.

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