Above Ground Pool

By · Friday, October 30th, 2009

Above Ground Pool
Construction of an above ground pool deck question?

We are installing an above ground pool. Should we put the pool in first and build the deck around it or build the deck and install the pool last? Should we put concrete under the pool?

Definitely put the pool first. As is the assembly of those who really need the space around to putting up the wall and the lining, etc. In addition, it is often easier to place, resize or crop the pool cover to fit exactly, rather than the reverse. As for concrete underneath the pool, it is not necessary, but might be a good idea. For most installations, all you have to do is level the ground, and make sanding a flat surface. Since the weight is evenly distributed, there are points pressure to be supported. However, if the ground is soft or muddy, then a concrete slab may be a good idea for the consortium not change over time. Incidetnally, you definitely need concrete foundations of the roof.

Bob Marley – Above Ground Pool

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