Water Vacuum Cleaner

By · Friday, December 18th, 2009

Water Vacuum Cleaner
I am looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Please check yours!?

I am open to any kind of reality, just wants an efficient vacuum that can Use Hoover floor and cobwebs in the corners also aspire Flexy tube. I'm considering the cleaner with water filter, because they need not stock and I do not like the mess of bags + are expensive. If you could write to the vacuum, the age, if you have pets / dirt hard, and the advantages and disadvantages + If you buy it again. you help me make a decision! Thanks!

I bought the Roomba on December 2006. It's model is the "Calendar" and runs on a schedule you set up. After running dates back to the dock. I have to vacuum twice a week. It does a great job, as would the fate of the vacuum every two weeks. Therefore, my recommendation is to buy and use the Roomba. I was hesitant at first, as I did not think would have enough power. Yes!

Rainbow D4 Special Edition Vacuum Cleaner

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