Vac Pool Spa

By · Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Vac Pool Spa

A pool can be an asset to your home beautiful, but the upkeep and maintenance is sometimes a nuisance. One thing you need to know how to use, is the vacuum of the pool. Here are some simple rules to follow when learning to use the pool manual vacuum.

First you will need a standard size pool vacuum head. Together with the vacuum head, you will need a vacuum hose. Once you have the vacuum head and hose, you must connect the together. The head should have an area where you can insert one side of the pipe interior. You must have a hole in the side of the pool underwater, the air blowing and water back into the pool. Put the other end of the hose into the hole and let it push all the air from the hose.

Next you should realize some bubbles rise to the surface of water from the vacuum head. Once you see no more bubbles, place the loose end of the hose down into the hole in the rubble basket. The waste basket is in the skimmer.

Make sure you turn the nozzle on your pool pump to drain the marked position. This will allow that all garbage collected from the bottom of the pool out of the flushing hose in the desired location. Try not to pick up the vacuum far from the bottom of the pool.

When using the vacuum of the pool, just pretend that you are sucking your own home. Just move at a much slower pace. A swimming pool nice clean, very attractive to a lot of excitement to come.

Get more informaton on a Pool Vacuum by visiting our Swimming Pool Vacuum Guide Website.

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