Swimming Pool Skimmer

By · Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Swimming Pool Skimmer

A dome of an air chamber is powered by an air pump and at the top is made of a porous membrane. Can be mounted on the top of the dome drain thoroughly and when the air pump is turned on, producing a column of fine air bubbles that rise to the surface.

This action causes a movement vertical, with the result that the solids in the water are attracted to the outlet, where the bomb went off. At this stage it is also important to look closely position of the surface skimmer.

If placed too close to a return of water, could be useless. Prevailing winds will also a skimmer work effectively if all the surface debris is blown to the opposite side of the lagoon.

Look at the shape of the lake and relocate the skimmer if you have doubt. If you're planning a big pond, you may need two sliders to achieve the desired effect. Sitting the slider in the most effective can mean looking at the throat of his favorite lookout.

You may have to find a compromise between aesthetics and an efficient system. The skimmers used in koi ponds are usually the manufacturer for the pool industry.

If the pond is to be located in a lush, you may decide to opt for a purpose built skimmer extra large strainer with basket. To provide an appropriate filter size with the right amount of water for effective operation, and taking all other factors into account, the objective for a flow rate of the pump that circulates the pond volume once every two hours.

To achieve this with a pool of about 20 cubic meters, will a pond with a capacity of 166 l / min. If two or more bottom drains have been incorporated to meet the flow conditions may have more than one bomb.

A final point to consider when choosing a pump is running costs. Some are more efficient than others, and when larger capacity pumps run continuously, which can be expensive.

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