Swimming Pool Cleaner

By · Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Swimming Pool Cleaner
How quickly can I clean my pool water?

My water is green, I shockked is 3 times during 2 weeks. It clarifies a bit, but when I empty it, it gets worse.

You need to know exactly what chemicals are in water. I suggest taking a sample to your local store pool and make the following combined test of chlorine free chlorine total chlorine pH Alkalinity Hardness Total Dissolved Solids cyanuric acid metals (copper, manganese, iron, etc.) nitrites / nitrates, phosphates Post back here with the results or feel free to e-mail to my address in robandliz1992@yahoo.com Please put the gallon size of the pool and filtration system type and the material is the pool (concrete / plaster or vinyl). With the information above can get you worked on and your pool crystal clear again. Also, when you are in the warehouse of a pool, do not buy anything from them in this time. Proper analysis and interpretation of test results will determine what steps can be taken, and usually at a much lower cost that the recommendations store group.

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