Speed Vac Pool

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Speed Vac Pool

Spa owners must accept the fact that the hot tub pump fail. The damage of this failure may be much greater than the cost of a new pump. Inspection routine pump your hot tub will help prevent damage. A good spa pump will last 6-8 years, to be ready to replace their old bombs.

A good rule to follow is to inspect your hot tub pump every time you clean the filter from the spa. You must be the control of water leakage, loud noises and engine heat pump. If you find any of these symptoms, then it is time to repair or replace your pump before the pump failure and damage elsewhere such as the heater.

Water is a sure sign of trouble. Look closely at the spa pump and determine where it is coming. You may exhaust ports and simply need to be adjusted or demand or new rings. It may be from the motor shaft and pump housing. This is usually a sign of a leak bearing and must be fixed before complete failure, having and have a flood of trying. Also check the pump cover small cracks. Cracked housing becomes more large vibrating and should be fixed or a new home purchased.

Do you hear a loud noise, or pings? Listen carefully as it may be his bearings pump is seized. This means that you are losing money as the pump is not spinning freely. If the engine noise comes from the spa, then it could be internal and require repair or replacement. Any loud noises should be addressed before they become major problems.

The lack of water pressure is generally not to blame for bombs. Most people assume they need to replace the hot tub pump. However, a pump or spa work or not work. I suggest you check other areas first, such as a spa filter blocked, or clogged suction port. You can also check the internal pump housing by removing of couplings and internal visual inspection to ensure nothing has been submitted.

A normal hot tub emit heat engine conditions. However, should be able to place his hand on the pump motor. If you find that is very hot, then there may be internal engine problems. A heat pump is much energy is wasted and can be costly. The refrigerator of a pump motor is working more effectively.

If your spa pump hums up, but we're not then you may have a capacitor faulty starter. You can also find travel switch at this time. Before replacing anything check the impeller within the pump head. Make sure there is obstruction. Ice is common in spring start and a problem that can be fixed with a hairdryer.

When looking to replace your spa pump, there are some specifications must match closely. Power Requirements 120 VAC or 220 VAC. Single speed or double speed? The opening of the port 2 "to 1.5". Finally is the HP rating, never use the number of bombs as a guide to the use of manufacturer, this number as a marketing ploy. Instead match the number of amps with their bomb near the amp rating of another bomb. The number of amps must be on the label that old pump.

When looking for new pumps to consider the quality. Remember that your old pump did not try and buy a pump that will last even longer. All manufacturers make replacement pumps so you do not feel you need to replace your spa pump with the same brand. By paying a small premium can be a great investment compared to the cost a failure! Premium pumps will last longer, run quieter and consume less energy.

Dan Jung is founder of Cedar Tubs Direct, the Internet’s leading wholesale Spa Parts replacement store. Here you will find the best brand name Hot Tub Pumps from manufactures such as Pentair and Ultra Jet, at wholesale prices.

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