Spa Water Vacuum

By · Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Spa Water Vacuum
What is this thing in my pool?

Our pool is a salt system, is the record of fine salt, chlorine, acid, etc. .. spa area rises above the pool and flows into the pool when the filter is activated. We have noticed lately that there is a resolution of sediment in the spa, it seems that little white flakes, when water was awakened. Is it salt? Maybe hard water? We are not empty, but then just comes back, I'm thinking is in the pipes, perhaps settled there … ideas on how to make it go away?

Two things to try: 1) vacuum waste. Debris can get back to in your pool. 2) Check the salt level is buying. You may not use the salt of construction quality. Must be in a shop in the pool.

Easy Water Chemistry

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