Robotic Pool Cleaner

By · Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Do you have a pool at home? If yes, how often to clean? You know, for swimming conditions, your pool should be cleaned at least once a week? Imagine that! During all that time and the need for labor, not to mention all that money spent to buy cleaning solutions, vacuum cleaners and what not! Not anymore. The Pool Cleaner Baracuda G3 is here, which provides a one stop solution for all problems of cleaning your pool. G3 Baracuda provides state of the art technology with unmatched comfort for the user.

The Baracuda G3 can:

or Remove debris sand, dirt, insects, twigs, leaves and rocks to your pool pump with its suction high quality.
o Provide easy access to the long duration (TM) diaphragm (the only moving part) with the help of a patented quick-release tape.
o Cover the full length of the pool in a hassle free way with the help of anti-Stick design.
Simplify the use or because it comes pre-assembled. No tools are there to be installed or maintained.
o Provide quiet operation, no noise trap or a hammer.
o Provide maximum adhesion on all surfaces of the pool with its unique design with fins disc.
Browse or near stairs, steps and corners, even in pools with complex designs, with a built in deflector wheel.
or automatically regulate the flow of water with the Flowkeeper (TM) Valve with Insta-Skim, even in low-power pumps. It also skims the surface of the pool with a simple blinking switch.
offer or compatibility with all types of pool surfaces with its long-term wear-resistant (TM) hose that comes with a 2 year warranty.
or you can catch and remove the leaves from your pool with an optional accessory ® Zodiac Leaf Catcher. This accessory is a must-have if your pool is surrounded by trees.

Baracuda G3 has been tested in some of the world's swimming pool complex. It comes standard with a 2 year limited warranty against wear and tear, and manufacturing defects. The warranty is only valid in the United States or Mexico. Misuse of the computer will automatically void the warranty and void. The Pool Cleaner Baracuda G3 is designed for use in ground pools and should not be used for cleaning above ground pools.

With its unique design and a plethora of useful features, baracuda g3 is better, a one-stop solution for all maintenance of the pool. Take today!

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Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner Care and Maintenance

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