Pool Vacuum Cleaner

By · Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The first powered vacuum cleaner pool was invented in 1951 by a hydraulic engineer named Ferdinand Chauvier in South Africa. It was from the Belgian Congo and went to South Africa. He realized that there is a need to do their work machines automatically, and use common power for efficient operation of the filters pool.

Pool Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner to collecting dirt, sediment and debris from the pits with minimum human power. A decrease the use of pool chemicals to keep water clean and reduce operating costs in regular use.

Disinfect your pool water
It can reduce operating costs for regular use
Minimize the accumulation of bacteria in the water
Decrease the use of products pool chemicals
Can be used with the full support of a person
It can be used in a very long time

Types of Pool Cleaner

Driven Back by side
In this type of cleaner, which require a dedicated pump for a high amount of water flow to the movement or constant adjustment to provide an adequate flow of the vacuum. It requires high operating costs because of additional pump and adjustments to the return flow of Pipeworks.

Pressure Driven
Please same exchange rates driven by the cleaner side, unless a dedicated pump is required to provide pressure and flow of additional water. E even has a very high running costs due to additional pumps.

Driven on the suction side
Usually attached to a hose 1.5-inch skimmer vacuum plate or on the poolside with a dedicated vacuum line. From the pool pump creates a suction effect that allows the robot move forward along the walls and floors of the pool pick up dirt and debris that moves.

Electronics and Robotics
In this type of cleaner, to use an external cable to drive motors used for locomotion and suction. Generally, you need human intervention to clean the pool, but with the same cleaning power as other types and perhaps one efficiently.

From: Wikipedia, Pool Supplies

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