Pool Cleaner Vacuum

By · Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Doctors note to cancel new vacuum for allergies?

I wonder if it is legitimate to ask your doctor to write a letter of recommendation a special device (ie, vacuum or by the pool) cleaner for a medical condition to write off on your taxes. I have 1 daughter who has allergies and need a new vacuum with a HEPA filter and a daughter who is a heart surgery this summer and swimming is the only real physical activity that she be able to do.

Yes, you can use this as a medical deduction if you have a doctors Rx. You must keep the Rx and also have your doctor will write a letter detailing why this device is medically necessary. What prevents demonstrations there and what happens if you do not get it. You can not get a large amount of the deduction as a medical deduction. Your medical deductions are limited to 7.5% of your adjusted gross income … What this means that is, your adjusted gross income is $ 100,000, your medical expenses would be deductible only to the amount you have spent $ 7500. I think the biggest savings will be tax sales in Texas, if you have a Rx for an item that is exempt from sales tax … you should check the status of your website, look for sales and use tax or Exemptions from the good fortune of another poster said Rev 1976 rule, which has been replaced.

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