Pool Cleaner Hose

By · Monday, December 28th, 2009

Pool Cleaner Hose
Why is my above ground pool pump is not working properly?

The pump seems to work fine, but when we connect the vacuum suction decreases dramatically. It may work for a couple of seconds but then stops! I'm not sure what happened, but we can not get to the pool clean. The filter pump is new and is fairly new, not even a year old and was used even that long. There is nothing to obstruct the filter and hoses. Any help would be great.

Most often when this happens, there is air in the lines or the vacuum hose itself has and still is not completely ready. Make sure the vacuum hose is completely filled with water and all air is out of it. Also make sure you are starting with a filter back freshly washed. Some vacuum hoses also have a specific order called swivel cuff that end should be attached to the vac head as if there is willingness to allow air in and kill lines sucking. Make sure you have no leaks at any point in the system, since even a slight loss can be a major inflow of air when you attach the vac head. Make sure your plate is VAC secure seats and no cracks in it. Also if you have an engine 2 speeds make sure it is not high and the low setting. Again either with air or enter the system or the system is clogged with debris. Hope this helps and also a look at my blog free information for pool owners http://www.swimtodaypoolservice.com on my site as I think I have a post with more detail on this issue.

How to Repair a Polaris Pool Cleaner : Installing a Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner Hose

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