Inground Automatic Pool

By · Friday, August 14th, 2009

Inground Automatic Pool
How can I use the pool manual to clean my pool built?

How do I set the skimmer / drain valves for the pool? Should I turn off the drain the pool and has all the water being drawn from a skimmer? keep the two skimmers or suction in water and drain it? Our cleaner Automatic pool not functioning properly and have never had to manually clean the pool before: – /

Skimmer / Drain Valve all skimmer and then all to a single suction skimmer. This provides the highest aspiration of the vacuum of the pool. If this proves suction as it is difficult to push the vacuum pool on the floor, then adjust the valve to allow some other suction in the skimmer. There is actually a standard design in ground pools – which have different configurations of drains, skimmers, pumps, filters. To find what works for you and with that.

Backfill of Inground Pool with Bobcat

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