Ground Swimming Pool

By · Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Ground Swimming Pool
What should I do with patches of plaster on my in ground swimming pool?

my pool is losing some of its cast in different places, some parts are about the size of a dinner plate. Pool water not leaking, your looks just look gross.

What is the basic material is a product called "gunnite" That's A dry mix of cement, near Portland, hardener, and the fine fibers of plastic land. That material is then sprayed in a form and the pool is formed. So to fix this take a scraper and get rid of all the bits that are lost around the holes. The size of a plate meal at the end will be much higher, about 30 inches in diameter or less, when reaching it with the scraper. So do not be surprised when this happens. Then get some ordinary Portland cement at Lowes about $ 8.75 for a bag of 90 #. Mixture in a ratio of 1:1 with coarse sand which can be obtained from any stone quarry. That is cheap, so when you go to the stone quarry take about 5 or 6 5-gallon buckets and get enough. Probably costs about $ 5. for the lot. DO NOT USE SAND MASONS repair strength is in large particles. Next mix in the hardener. You can buy it at Lowes too close to $ 15 a gallon or less. Also mixed in about one cup of regular latex paint to about 2 gallons of mixture. This latex acts as a "binder" and allow the mixture to be flat on the wall. Without it flat will be difficult if not impossible. Now add water until the mixture becomes the consistency of toothpaste. Next wet the surface of the damaged area with water and wait about 15 minutes to soak into the well. Then take a flat trowel and apply a thin layer of this mixture. Rub well on the surface. Rubbing is important because impove bail. Llana until there is 1 / 4 inch or more stringent than the pools of wall surface. Wait approximately 2 hours and let it settle to the point where it hardens, but it can be scraped with a sharp instrument. Then take a piece from the edge of steel angle iron and scrape that thing dead level. It will cut out like cutting butter over bread. Do not be alarmed by notches or grooves that you can do, let it harden the night and return the next day and made another mix and a soft finish very well as a work that blends into the top of the repair. Painting and nobody will never know the damage was there. This is a permanent repair that will last indefenitely. The cost of the whole is less than $ 20 im sure if the furinish elbow grease for the job.

Concrete Forms Constructing In Ground Swimming Pool

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